Prescription Refills

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Patients can request refills 5 different ways.

1) Simply click on this link …. to be taken to the REFILL REQUEST on this website. Follow the instructions, and submit your refill request any time, day or night.

2) Request a refill through our convenient mobile app. Don’t have the app? Simply click here…. to be taken to the MOBILE APP link on this website. Follow the easy instruction to download our FREE mobile app.

3) Call 801-571-0201 and select #1 on the automated menu. Using the phone keypad, simply enter the prescription number off of your prescription bottle. **NOTE: If your prescription number begins with the letter “C” simply omit that, and enter the numbers that follow the “C.” You can submit multiple refill requests in the same call.

4) Call 801-571-0201 and select #3 and speak with a pharmacy staff member.

5) Come into the pharmacy and request your refill.