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As a full-service pharmacy, we stock commercially available medications to fill your prescriptions. However, sometimes a medication prescribed by a doctor for a patient is so unique and individualized, that the medication isn’t commercially available. That’s where COMPOUNDING comes in. A compound is prescribed medication we are able to make in our lab, to exact specifications. Compounding simply means, “prepared specifically for a particular individual’s needs.”

Easy and convenient administration of necessary medication equals greater compliance. We are able to compound medication in many forms, including: capsules, lollipops, creams, lozenges, gels, suppositories, and rapid dissolve tablets.

As a compounding pharmacy, we can make allergy-friendly medication for any patient with issues involving lactose, preservatives, dyes, gluten or sugar.

Those patients who may struggle with taking their medication due to difficulty swallowing, sensitivity to taste, or trouble cooperating find comfort in our ability to compound. Patients in this category include young children, elderly patients, and even pets.