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  • Flu (High-dose and Regular dose), Shingles (1st and 2nd dose), Pneumonia, DTap, and Adult RSV Vaccinations Available Now!
  • Jolley’s Sandy Compounding Pharmacy

    Jolley’s Sandy Compounding Pharmacy

    Serving the community of Sandy and Draper since 1997.

  • Compounding


    We offer a wide range of compounding services, including veterinary, pain management, pediatric, and hormone replacement therapy.

  • Gift Shop

    Gift Shop

    Our offerings are chosen with the selective shopper in mind. We aim to surprise, delight, and thoroughly please.

  • Parata Pass Multi-Dose Packaging

    Parata Pass Multi-Dose Packaging

    Strip packaging that helps you keep track of what medication you need to take and when. Ideal for travel!

  • Immunizations


    We offer a variety of immunizations to keep you healthy.

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1000+ | Happy Patients

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Trust us with your health

  • We fill ALL prescriptions!

  • We fill well, so you’ll feel well.

  • Our promise is a quality-driven service, and our aim is to ensure affordable access to the medications you need.

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Compounding Services

We’ve been going here for years and they are always professional and timely. Automated phone refill is nice as well.
Brian R.
I love Jolleys! One of my favorite places to shop because of the fun and unique gift shop as well as excellent customer service!
Jessica B.
I love Jolley’s pharmacy! They are always very quick to get me my prescription. I recall a time that I had a mixup with a prescription due to my doctor moving to another clinic. I left without the prescription. They took it upon themselves to find my doctor, get the prescription, then called me to let me know they had the prescription for me. I was so impressed by their thoughtfulness. What wonderful people!
Krissy W.

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