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Want To Hear What Our Customers Are Saying?


"I LOVE Jolley’s Pharmacy! It literally has everything you need! Every time I walk in I fed so welcomed and I ALWAYS leave with the cutest gift with the cutest bag and tissue paper! (The tissue paper is to die for!!) love everything about them!" -Allie

"I love jolleys!!! One of my favorite places to shop because of the fun and unique gift shop as well as excellent customer service!!" -Jessica

"I think it's great and has everything I need and then some!  I love the gift shop and have asked the pharmacist to please take their time in filling my prescriptions so I can shop and kill two birds with one stone." -Debbie

"We love this pharmacy and every one of their pharmacists and techs. They give you the personal care and time to explain any questions or concerns you may have. When we served our mission, they sent our meds directly to us without us having to keep track of when they were due for refills. When I had a recent bout with food poisoning, they were helpful in suggesting non-prescription alternatives, that truly helped turn the issues I had, around for me. Best pharmacy ever! And the gifts shop part of the pharmacy is such a great place to browse and pick up unique gifts - just what you’re looking for! Try them - they’re amazing and you’ll love the whole experience!" -Bonnie

"A true neighborhood chemist. It feels very personal. They are helpful, and very knowledgeable. Would not go anywhere else. We also get our compound RX here. They are the best." -Jane

"The staff and pharmacists are all incredibly nice, they all call you by name and are fast and extremely helpful. I wouldn't go anywhere else." -Gardner

"We’ve been going here for years and they are always professional and timely. Delivery is a nice option too. Automated phone refill is nice as well." -Brian